The Path 22. Karaniya Metta Sutta

To train in goodness, to find peace
This is what has to be done:
Be capable and honest,
Modestly accept criticism,
Be content with little,
Take on few responsibilities,
Be frugal, calm, and humble,
Put aside all greed for worldly things,
Avoid even the smallest action,
that could be criticized by the wise.

May every living creature be happy and safe,
Their hearts full of joy,
Every being that breaths, whatever size or shape.
Seen and unseen, near and far,
Born and about to be born,
May they all be filled with happiness.

Do not deceive or despise anyone whatsoever,
Nor allow anger or hatred to cause you to wish them harm,
Just as a mother would defend her child, even with her own life,
In just this way, you should cultivate boundless love for all beings.
Radiating kindness throughout the whole world,
Above and below and throughout,
Free from hate, free from the slightest cruelty.

Be energetically mindful of this practice at all times:
While standing, walking, or lying down.
For this is the highest, most sublime state.

If you avoid unwise views, greed,
and desire for the pleasures of the senses,
And hold fast to your virtue and insight,
You will nevermore be born again into this world.


The Path 21. Bhadda

Before, I wandered with my hair plucked out at the roots,
covered in dirt, half naked,
Believing right was wrong and wrong was right.
One day, I climbed to the Vulture’s Peak.

I met the Buddha and the sangha.
I bowed with great reverence.
“Bhaddā, come,” was all he said.
And with that I was ordained.

The Path 20. Dvattimsakaro

In the body there are
head hair, body hair, nails, teeth, skin,
meat, sinew, bones, marrow, kidneys,
heart, liver, membranes, spleen, lungs,
intestines, mesentery, undigested food, excrement,
bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat,
tears, grease, spit, mucus, synovial fluid, and urine;

The Path 19. Kumārapañhā

What is one?
All things subsist on nourishment.

What is two?
Name and form.

What is three?
The three kinds of sensations.

What is four?
The four noble truths.

What is five?
The five aspects of mind and body that feed grasping.

What is six?
The six internal senses.

What is seven?
The seven factors of Liberation.

What is eight?
The eightfold path.
What is nine?
The nine abodes.

What is ten?
A arahant has ten factors.

The Path 18. Little Hut

With a heart full of faith I ordained.
I built a little hut in the jungle.
I’m alert and ardent,
Mindful and attentive.

Who lives in this little hut?
A monk lives in this little hut.
Free from passion,
With mind restrained.
Know this my friend,
Your little hut was not made in vain.

In Karamvi,
The call of the blue-necked peacock,
And the play of the cool breeze,
Arouses you to meditation.

My body is light!
Filled with intense bliss and happiness,
Like cotton floating in the breeze.