Dhamma Conversations #1


Sabbāsavasutta Sutta MN2 Part 1 of 3




Almost the same as the Asava Sutta in the 6s of the AN, but without knowing and seeing http://awake.kiev.ua/dhamma/tipitaka/2Sutta-Pitaka/4Anguttara-Nikaya/Anguttara4/6-chakkanipata/006-mahavaggo-e.html

Basically the same as the Chinese Agama version https://suttacentral.net/en/ma10

List of Buddhist Lists

Buddhism is famous for lists. One entire Nikaya, the Anguttara Nikaya is entirely a book of lists. I thought it might be useful to have a list of lists that doesn’t merely repeat the handful that everyone has heard a thousand times, but is also interlinked in ways that show how each teaching interpenetrates all the others. So here is a Buddhist list of lists with suttas to describe each. Have a look at let me know what other lists you’d like to see added.