More Scattered Dhamma Thoughts

Emotions are not a reliable guide to the way the world works. But they can teach you where to look for things you are clinging to. Anger is like a compass pointing straight toward the things you most fear.

Once, the Buddha said, “Monks, I often think on two things: safety and solitude. I am pleased by kindness avoiding harm to others. I often think, ‘By doing this I will hurt nobody, either the weak or strong.’ I am pleased by solitude. I often think, ‘Unskillful things have been left behind.’ You too should be pleased by safety and solitude. You too should think these thoughts.”

-Itivuttaka, Vitakka

Most of your life is an illusion. We are such compulsive thinkings that we literally spend most of our lives thinking about our lives rather than living them. It is hard to simply have an experience without seeing it through the veil of opinions and views. This isn’t only our memory of things but the experiences we have in real time.

There is no such thing as pure objectivity. All experience is a mix of the subjective and objective. This isn’t a problem to be solved, it is simply part of the human condition. Nobody else can truly share your experience. You help to create your reality through what you read, practice, and do. Subject doesn’t mean fake. There is nothing more real than your subjective experience, after all. In a real sense, it is the world.


7 thoughts on “More Scattered Dhamma Thoughts

    1. That’s the real crux isn’t it. It seems fun to say that subject experience isn’t “real”, but we don’t actually have any standing to say any such thing. We simply don’t know whether it’s real or not or even what that would mean.

    2. The thing about experience, is that we simply do not have the perspective to say whether it is real or not. Saying that experience is real or that is not real are both equally impossible.

  1. So, all we have is to believe – our-selves or the Buddha of the Scripts, who say “guard your sense-organs, because they are the thief/traitor”

    1. That’s right – it is impossible to tell the realness of our experience according solely to sense data. So, according to the knowtion of non-discrimination, we should say, they are real and not real at the same time – there we move to the philosophic field of vijnanavada.

      1. Yes, that’s right, and more than that – our experience is the only truth we can relate to, because we surely know – dhamma manopubbangama manosettha manomaya.

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