Scattered Dhamma Thoughts

The Buddha taught that the universe has no discoverable beginning. It’s not clear if he meant that it was undiscoverable entirely or just to the people he was talking to. Then there’s this.


Nibbana is impossible to fully describe in words, but that’s ok, so is everything else. Falling in love, the taste of a fresh peach, what it feels like to make a real ass of yourself. It is the nature of all things that they are impossible to fully capture in words.


Once, the Buddha taught, “Enjoy solitude living in solitude, monks. Relish it. Practice contentment. Don’t forget your meditation. Remember your insights, and keep practicing. If you do this, you should expect to find Liberation in this life or at least attain the state of Non-Returner.

“Have a contented heart and an inquiring spirit. Be mindful; meditate frequently; see things clearly; and do not crave sensual pleasures. Those who are content, happy with hard work, and never lazy: they will not fail. They are close to Liberation.”

-Itivuttaka, Dhatu

Nobody cares about you as much as you think they do. This is good news! Most people most of the time are just trying to find some pleasure or avoid pain. When others hurt you, they rarely are out to get you. They are just doing the best the can to be happy.

Here I argued that trying to stop thinking is a bad strategy for meditation. You can’t consciously stop thinking any more than you can consciously order your skin not to sunburn. But you can wear a hat, not go out in the heat of the day, or put on sunblock. These are the causes and conditions for avoiding sunburn. And it is much more effective than sitting in the sun at noon and commanding the skin not to redden.

So what are the things you can do that naturally lead to a quiet, peaceful mind?

Anyone who hasn’t come to understand the world, who hasn’t let go of the world, cannot be free of disappointment.

-Itivuttaka, Sabbapariñña


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