November 2015 Link Pack

It’s been a while! I’ve squirreled away a few choice links on Buddhism and meditation for your Thanksgiving reading.

First, a delightful study here showing how the Buddha teachings can promote prosociality and reduce prejudice.  Most scientific studies of  Buddhism focus on meditation, so it’s good to see these kinds of studies confirming other parts of the path as well. There’s a commentary on the study here.

Speaking of religions tolerance and prejudice! I’m a little late to the party on this one, an especially slimy video of Pat Robertson warning his viewers about becoming infected with the disease of Buddhism.

Two new stories about studies on meditation and health. The first, by way of Voxx confirms that meditation helps with focus and emotional control. I worry that these kinds of stories give people a somewhat stilted idea of what meditation can and should be, but you have to start somewhere. The second, by way of Quartz,  shows that meditation dramatically reduces the need for health care. This saves money and improves quality of life immeasurably. Meditate, people!

And finally, if you ever doubt whether your mind is in fact your True Self, this true sci fi tale of DARPA developing memory chips to implant directly in your brain may help what you. What happens when our bodies and minds become a real life Ship of Theseus?


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