Good Meditation Bad Meditation (Podcast)


4 thoughts on “Good Meditation Bad Meditation (Podcast)

  1. there is neither good or bad meditation it is just what it is. I try to let my mind take me where it wants to go and show me what it wants to show me. I am an observer of myself. I do not lead my mind but allow it to lead me. If you do this and you go far enough in your meditation you will realize that there is nothing.. nothing!! You will finally understand. Do not have expectations ir else you will never see and have realization. Actually its there in plain sight and so few can see..

  2. In meditation 3 hrs can go by. Time flies. you come out when you come out. it is when my mind is ready to come out. takes a while to come out. You do not normally go more than 8 hrs at a time.

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