More Verses from the Theragatha

A final set of short verses from the Theragatha. Each of these tiny poems is just a little inspiring gem. Consider printing them out and posting them around the house or office as just a reminder of how beautiful deep practice can be.

My body is light!
Filled with intense bliss and happiness,
Like cotton floating in the breeze.

1.104 Khi­taka, Theragatha

Who lives in this little hut?
A monk lives in this little hut.
Free from passion,
With mind restrained.
Know this my friend,
Your little hut was not made in vain.

1.56 Kuṭi­vihāri, Theragatha

With a heart full of faith I ordained.
I built a little hut in the jungle.
I’m alert and ardent,
Mindful and attentive.

1.59 Kosala­vihāri, Theragatha

He defeated the King of Death,
Like a huge flood destroying a rotting bridge.
Victorious. Fearless.
Strong. Masterful.
He has won Liberation.

1.7 Bhal­liya, Theragatha


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