October 2014 Link Pack

I’ve been to this temple, and I can attest it is very beautiful and sometimes inspiring. It is also 10% temple and 90% tourist attraction. here

Analayo on karma and female rebirth here

What do the Buddha and Marx have to do with each other here

A web gallery of mandalas here

The Audio Tipitika: here

Giving up on Buddhism here.  An older article but still interesting. To me they sound like someone turned off by superficial Western style Buddhism who never really got to the heartwood. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “October 2014 Link Pack

  1. Yes, I think Horgan didn’t get to the heartwood. He mentioned that he took a class and gave up, but not how long he lasted. Getting through the western Buddhist teachings is a bear. Without a great deal of work it’s easy to get left with all the impressions that he has. He obviously didn’t listen either deeply or for very long, because eventually all the things that bug him get sorted out. But probably any religion is like Buddhism. It’s a lifetime’s work. His rationalization for why he didn’t stay satisfies his own sense of need to explain it to us. He is trying to convince us that he gave up for very well crafted good reasons.

    1. Very good points, indeed. In a way I understand his situation. I was first interested in Buddhism when I was a teenager living in Texas. But I didn’t have access to a good teacher, and there weren’t other great resources. So I didn’t follow up. It wasn’t until I had access to great teachers and around other people practicing that I was inspired to go deeper.

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