Warmness Ratings

Not a full-blown post, just a few comments on this survey of people’s attitudes toward religious groups. It’s never a good idea to make too much of a single survey like this, but here are a few things that struck me as interesting:

  • Really all of the groups are clustered right there in the middle. The difference between Muslims (at the bottom) and Jews at the top is only 23 points.
  • And speaking of extremes, is it more surprising that Jews came out so high or that atheists came out so high? Despite only beating out Muslims by a single point, the idea that atheists are viewed warmly by 41% of the public surely must be a record high.
  • How is it that atheists only rate atheists as 82%? And Catholics only rate Catholics at 89%?
  • The younger you are, the more likely you are to rate Buddhists highly. Surely this is a positive sign.
  • Despite the left-leaning attitude of mosts Buddhists, the swing between attitudes of Democrats and Republicans is only a slim 8%. Of course, this probably reflects ignorance more than intent. Less than a quarter of Americans even KNOW someone who is Buddhist.
  • The good news is, if you know someone who is Buddhist, your warmness rating swings from 48% to 70%. Go out and meet some people!

What info did you take from this snapshot?



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