The Golden Buddha

After reading this I headed straight over to Snopes to read the bad news. Not there. So I went to the final word on accuracy here. Check it out in living color here.

If you didn’t read any of that, here are the details: in 1955 a plaster statue of the Buddha in a Bangkok temple was accidentally smashed. Underneath the plaster was discovered a solid gold 13th century Buddha. Apparently it had been covered in plaster in the 18th century ahead of an invasion to protect it from the invaders. Over time, the secret was forgotten.

The possible metaphors are staggering. They almost suggest themselves too easily. My vote is to compare it to the word of the Buddha himself. How much time to most Buddhists spend with the actual words of the Buddha? We take the easy road by reading easy pre-digested Buddhism. Like this blog! Now get out there and read some less simple suttas.



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