Cow Urine Soda

In Western dhamma centers, its common to have a “dana basket”. The idea is to give money to the center. Dana meant something different for the Buddha. It meant the handful of requisites that lay people were expected to provide renunciates and that they were allowed to accept. For example, giving money is forbidden. What is allowed? Food, simple clothes, shelter, and medicine. What medicine? Honey, butter, and ghee are included in the medicine category. But maybe the most famous (and cringe inducing) is fermented cow’s urine. Yep, healthy delicious fermented cow’s urine. Take two shots of rotten cow pee and call me in the morning. Apparently there was nothing especially Buddhist about this kind of medicine. It was just a traditional folk medicine of the time.

Well, these folks apparently think they were on to something. See here.

If any of you have tried it, please leave a comment!


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