Topics for Conversation (podcast)


When sons of good families become homeless monks, it is wrong for them talk about trivial things. They should avoid talking about:

  • politics;
  • war;
  • food;
  • clothes, furniture, and jewelry;
  • relatives;
  • vehicles;
  • cities and towns;
  • men and women;
  • gossip;
  • stories about the dead;
  • legends;
  • and empty philosophy.

So what should they talk about? These 10 things:

  1. modesty;
  2. contentment;
  3. seclusion;
  4. detachment;
  5. perserverence;
  6. ethics;
  7. meditation;
  8. wisdom;
  9. liberation;
  10. and on understanding liberation.

If you only talk about these ten things, you will outshine the sun and moon, much less monks of other religions.

-Kathāvatthu Sutta AN 10.69 ( A v 128)


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