Easily Satisfied (Metta Sutta #6)

This is a part of a series going line by line from the Metta Sutta. It starts here.

Contented and easily satisfied

This line is one of the great practices of my life. I have a strong tendency toward restlessness. This can manifest as energy and enthusiasm, but can also manifest as unease. I spent years battling with restlessness in meditation. It was only when I realized that restlessness on the cushion is only a continuation of that same tendency throughout the day that I was able to make real progress.

It’s important to remember here that the teaching isn’t that you should work hard to get everything done and then be contented and easily satisfied. It is that you need to learn to be satisfied with little. Little material things, little outside stimulation, little praise. Learning to be satisfied with what the moment provides is a profound teaching of a lifetime.

The next article in this series is here.


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