Ask yourself…

Here’s a question you might ask yourself: Are you willing the leave open the possibility of other worlds? When Europeans first stumbled on the Americas, that truly was a new world (to them). When Loevenhook first looked into his microscope, that was truly a new world. Even hard nosed astronomers are open to the possibility of new worlds (populated planets). Why shouldn’t we be?

Why not have the intellectual humility to admit that there might be other worlds even on this earth so subtle that we mostly miss them entirely.

Of course, this cuts both ways. We need to keep the spiritually humility to admit that we don’t know it for a fact!

Let me ask you this: what was the greatest scientific discovery of the last century? I would nominate Hubble’s expanding universe. Wow! Revolutionized centuries of belief! Fascinating! Counterintuitive! But…what does it say about how I should live my life? Who should I marry? Should I take that job in Denver? What if I have incurable cancer? And after all, aren’t those the question we really care about?

Which would you rather know: how symmetry was broken between gravity and the electro-weak force or suffering and the end of suffering?

Here’s another question you might ask youself: Do you care about what happens after you die. If not, I hope you don’t have a pilot’s license! If so, you might ask yourself why?

If your interested in rebirth check out my posts on Do I have to believe in rebirth?Notes on Rebirth, and Last Word on Rebirth (for Now)



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