Hacking Your Way to Jhana


By far the best way to hack your meditation is to hack it to the other side. Just become enlightened, duh? Well, if you can’t quite do that, if you at least work very hard to perfect your meditation to a certain point, if you’re able, at least for a while, to release all of these bad tendencies (laziness, doubt, etc), then you reach a place where your meditation becomes incredible bliss, peaceful, and wonderful. Mentally and physically.

Some people experience chills running down their back (similar to when you hear a beautiful piece of music). Other experiences a beautiful coolness all over. And this is just the beginning! And it can last for minutes or hours or days, depending on your level of concentration. It subsides either when you lose your concentration, or when you push through to something even more beautiful, more perfect. This is called jhana.

To my mind, this is the best way to hack your meditation.

Do you ever wonder about these stories of meditation masters sitting for hours or days in meditation? Well, they didn’t do it in a state of constantly trying to find something interesting about the mind. They did it in jhana.

You will sometimes hear horror stories about jhana that go something like this: oh, don’t do jhana, or at least don’t do it too much. You can get attached to jhana, and it will derail your real aim of meditation.

Well, the Buddha was very clear on this issue. The big realization what that spiritual pursuits don’t have to be miserable. In fact, they can be blissful! Good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end. In fact, he specifically taught that you DO NOT have to fear jhana. It is a bliss that is blameless.

Check out my series on jhana here and more on samadhi meditation here.


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