Talking About Meditation

What do you do when your meditation fails? When instead of bliss and peace you have anxiety and wandering thoughts. Instead of pain relief you have more pain. Learn some of the best tips and tricks for developing your meditation practice when things seem trickiest.

I don’t know about you, but I like to talk about meditation. Both my own, and in the abstract. I like to hear meditation instructions, even the basic ones I’ve heard many times. Maybe especially the basic instructions! There’s something calming and reassuring about it. And I feel like reminding myself about the basics is so helpful.

In a way it’s kind of ridiculous talking about meditation. After all, we’re just sitting there! What are we even supposed to be talking about?

In a way it’s a little like running magazines. I’m not a runner, so I don’t really understand, but when I see those magazines I just think…you’re running. One foot in front of the other. What’s there to read about? And 12 issues a year? Really?

Well, it’s sort of the same with meditation. We’re just sitting there. What’s to talk about? Apparently quite a lot!


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