The Four Right Efforts

The Four Right Efforts

  • Suppress unarisen unwholesome states
  • Generate unarisen wholesome states
  • Suppress arisen unwholesome states
  • Maintain arisen wholesome states

Why does it matter?
Right Effort is one of the steps of the Eightfold Path. In my view, the Eightfold Path is in that order on purpose, so it is important that Right Effort comes just before Right Mindfulness. I think what this all means is that you have to get your mind right to do good meditation. In particular, you have to get rid of the Hindrances in order to really do Right Mindfulness well. There’s an idea that you sit and do mindfulness when you are in a bad state mentally. Mindfulness makes everything better. That’s true, but the opposite is also true. If you are in a good mental state, your mindfulness will be clearer and brighter, and you meditation can go deeper. Take care of your mental state if you want to meditate well.


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