Buddha Says to Brush Your Teeth

Did you think all the Buddha taught was meditation? Here is some practical advice from the Anguttara Nikaya.

There are 5 Good Reasons to Brush your teeth. Failing to brush…

  1. …is bad for your eyes.
  2. …isbad for your breath.
  3. …means you don’t clean your taste buds
  4. …gross goo gets on the food you eat.
  5. …your food doesn’t taste good.

-from Anguttara Nikaya 5.208


2 thoughts on “Buddha Says to Brush Your Teeth

  1. hello, if a buddhist brush his teeth due to this verse, is it considered as his faith manifestation? what is in depth explanation on this verse? and does all Buddhist learn Anguttara Nikaya?

    1. I think this scripture falls under the category of “good advice”. It doesn’t take faith to understand the keeping your teeth clean is a good idea. The Buddha did not praise faith for its own sake. We should follow the Buddhist teachings because they are wise and hopeful, not simply because he said them. This is true for virtue, meditation, and toothbrushing.

      The Anguttara Nikaya is part of the Pali canon, which is part of the primary Scriptural tradition of the Theravada. Mahayana also has these texts, but they are not primary in the same way.

      I hope this helps, and thank you very much for the questions.

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