Tips to Overcome Drowsiness

One day while meditating near Kallavalamutta, Moggallana began to nod off. The Buddha noticed and ask him, “Are you nodding off, Moggallana?” “Yes,” he replied.

The Buddha then offered these 7 tips to overcome drowsiness:

  1. Try just ignoring it. Maybe it will go away on its own.
  2. Go back in your mind over the teachings you’ve memorized. Mull them over.
  3. Try saying the teachings you’ve memorized out loud.
  4. Pull on your earlobes and rub your arms and legs.
  5. Get up for a minute, splash some water on your face, and stretch out your neck.
  6. Do a Meditation on the Perception of Light.
  7. Do some walking meditation.
  8. If that doesn’t work, take a nap. Here are the exact instructions on taking a nap: “Reclining on your right side — take up the lion’s posture, one foot placed on top of the other, mindful, alert, with your mind set on getting up. As soon as you wake up, get up quickly, with the thought, ‘I won’t stay indulging in the pleasure of lying down, the pleasure of reclining, the pleasure of drowsiness.’ That is how you should train yourself.”

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