The Right Physical Environment

Here is a very practical tip. It’s important to have the right physical environment for spiritual striving. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t meditate in an airport or what-not if the opportunity arises, but rather that you can do better we, meditate more deeply in the right physical environment. Here is the Buddha’s description of the location he chose when he finally attained enlightenment.

In search of what might be skillful, seeking the unexcelled state of sublime peace, I wandered by stages in the Magadhan country and came to the military town of Uruvela. There I saw some delightful countryside, with an inspiring forest grove, a clear-flowing river with fine, delightful banks, and villages for alms-going on all sides. The thought occurred to me: ‘How delightful is this countryside. This is just right for the one intent on striving.’

-MN 85 Bodhirājakumāra Sutta 

I wouldn’t mind being there right now!


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